Field Support Services

Tuthill understands the importance of uptime and how disruptive it can be to have equipment that isn’t performing as expected.  This is why Tuthill offers several options to support your priority in keeping things running at their best.  Contact a Tuthill representative or Tuthill directly for details.

Installation and commissioning support

When installing a vacuum pump system or blower package, it is critical that it is done correctly to ensure a successful start-up and to prevent unplanned downtime.  Tuthill can give you confidence with a highly trained engineer who will be on site to help ensure that your installation and commissioning is done trouble free.

Troubleshooting of vacuum pumps and blowers

If your vacuum pump or blower isn’t performing as it expected or if nuisance issues in your system are causing unplanned downtime, an experienced Tuthill engineer can come to your facility and perform an application assessment.  This review will include the examination of operating conditions, product selection, attached accessories and associated components.  You will receive on-site feedback on how to get your system back up to its optimum performance along with a written report of findings and recommendations.

On-site repair and maintenance

When maintenance crews are too busy, short-handed or maybe just don’t have the necessary knowledge to repair a blower or vacuum pump, Tuthill can provide the solution with service support at your location by one of our experienced factory technicians. 

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