Construction and Transportation

Dry Bulk Transfer

transport blower truck
men at a construction site

The use of a blower in the dry bulk transfer application is to transfer dry bulk product from the truck to the customer point. The transport blower is required to be rugged due to its exposure to the elements while mounted on the truck.

Tuthill transport blowers are ideally suited for offloading dry bulk trailers. The blowers are typically mounted on tractor frame rails and are driven by transmission mounted power take-offs. Dry bulk trailers are used to transport materials such as cement, fly ash, sand, limestone and other materials used in the construction industry as well as food grade products such as flour, sugar, and plastic pellets. Tuthill offers the T855 & T1055 lobe blowers.

Our lobe blowers provide pressures of up to 20 psi & 17" HG continuous vacuum capability, include oil reservoirs on both ends and have no "external breathers" which prevents water from leaking into the oil reservoirs. The blowers are supplied with large bearings and drive shafts, and include our patented Shur-Melt Thermal Relief Plugs that provide protection against heat and over pressurization giving users peace of mind and years of rugged performance.