Two-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems: OFRP Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

Model: OFRP75, OFRP100, OFRP125, OFRP200, OFRP300, OFRP525, OFRP526

Kinney® Oil-Filled Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Systems are fully assembled with all interconnecting wiring and piping. Systems are mounted on a common steel base and fully tested and painted before shipment. They include oil sealing to afford deeper vacuum than available with water or glycol sealed systems. Systems consist of a single compound liquid ring vacuum pump with mechanical seals and following system components:
• Suction line flexible connector
• Suction line isolation valve
• Suction line check valve
• Adjustable vacuum control switch
• Oil/water heat exchanger
• Oil thermometers, valve and compound pressure gauge
• Cooling water solenoid valve, strainer,flow control valve sensing oil temperature and thermometer
• Steel exhaust separator tank
• Discharge oil mist eliminator with relief valve and oil return line
• Drive motor TEFC
• Motor control center with magnetic motor starter, HOA switch and fusible disconnect switch

• Completely self contained
• Designed for long life
• Higher vacuum than with water-sealed systems
• Completely recirculated sealing fluid
• Easy to install and maintain
• Fully assembled and wired