Single Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems: CVP Central Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

Model: Simplex: CVP-A5S through CVP-A130S; Duplex: CVP-A5D through CVP-A130D


CVP Central Vacuum Systems provide a remote supply of plant vacuum which can be located away from the production area or vacuum outlets, thus reducing noise and heat in the work area. The systems feature the “A” Series single-stage liquid ring pumps in either a simplex (one pump) or duplex (two pumps) design. The energy-efficient systems are designed to operate automatically, with the pump(s) starting when the plant vacuum demand increases, and stopping when the demand is met. Vacuum is maintained by means of pressure switches which cycle the pump(s). These systems require only water and electric power connections. A solenoid valve on the seal water line provides water whenever the pump(s) cycle.

• “Abuser-friendly” axial flow pump design
• Quiet, vibration-free operation
• Bronze construction liquid ring pumps, TEFC motor(s)
• Galvanized steel ASME code (100 PSIG [6.89 bar g]) vacuum receiver
• Air discharge water separator silencers for quiet operation
• Flow ranges:
     Simplex: 10 - 125 CFM (17 - 212 m³/h)
     Duplex: 20 - 250 CFM (34 - 425 m³/h)
• Fully instrumented including:
     Adjustable vacuum switch
     NEMA 4 control panel
     Tank level sight gauge
     Thermostatic valve
     Solenoid valve
     Vacuum gauge