PneuPak Blower Packages

Model: PneuPak 13, 33

PneuPak is a dependable and economical low pressure (up to 18 PSIG [1.24 bar g] or 16” Hg [-540 mbar g] vacuum) air source for many industrial and municipal applications such as pneumatic conveying of bulk powder or seed, fluidization/agitation of bulk powders, wastewater aeration, milking of dairy cattle and motive force for vacuum exhausting and cleaning systems.

• Mounting base with integral silencer
• Silencers without acoustic packing for applications where use of fiber packing is not needed or not practical
• Maintenance friendly
• Factory assembled & factory warranted
• Flow range: 6 - 1494 CFM (10 - 2540 m³/h)
• Pressure range: up to 18 PSIG (1.24 bar g)
• Vacuum range: up to 16 Hg (540 mbar g)

Applications: Pneumatic Conveying, Dairy Milking, Wastewater Aeration, Air Sparging, Compost Aeration, Vacuum Excavation, Dust Collection
Max. Vacuum: 16 in. Hg