Booster and Piston Vacuum Systems: CBV Compact Booster Variable Systems

Model: CBV4015, CBV7230, CBV1250, CBV2085

Kinney® CBV Compact Booster Variable Systems combine the features of Kinney KT™ Pumps and vacuum boosters with VSM Technology into a space efficient package capable of continuous, high pumping capacity to 10 microns.

• High pumping capacity starting from atmospheric pressure
• VSM booster motor VFD tuned and programmed by Tuthill
• VSM motor eliminates vacuum booster wind-milling
• Reduces vacuum pump down cycle time by 30-40% depending on chamber volume
• No unique bypass booster needed
• No vacuum switch required to start booster


Applications: Vacuum Furnaces, Vacuum Coating, Sputtering, Space Simulation