Transport Blowers: T855RS Transport Blower

Model: T855RS

Transport Blowers

Tuthill’s T855RS transport blowers are enhanced with RS Advanced TechnologyTM, a specialized coating applied to the rotor lobes that drastically reduces “slip”. The T855RS offers the most expansive range of flow than any blower, providing customers:

  • Reduced offload times and net fuel consumption
  • Ability to operate at slower speeds with quieter runs
  • Operation at cooler temperatures for fewer oil changes
  • Optional adaptor plate allows for easy mounting to most existing vertical L-shape brackets
  • Yearly operational savings of over $3,000*

*Savings per truck, based on dry cement hauling field test performed in 2020

T855RS Specifications:
Air Flow: 121 – 1010 CFM**
RPM Range: 600 – 3000
Pressure: 20 psi continuous
Vacuum: 18” Hg continuous
Blower Weight: 376 lbs. dry
(380 lbs. with 66 oz. oil)
Dimensions: 22.7”L x 12.13”H x 17.97”H
Warranty: 18/12 months

**Refer to flow curves for minimum RPM at specific pressures


  • Patent pending technology
  • Optional adaptor plate
  • IP69K rated breathers
  • Larger bearings
  • Simple design