Qube Blower Packages: Qube 400

Model: Qube 400

Featuring the Qx blower, Qube™ is the perfect, quiet solution for major industries including pneumatic conveying, wastewater aeration, plastics, cement and more.

With OSHA, CE, ATEX compliance, ANSI or DIN connections, and NEMA or IEC motor frames make Qube welcome anywhere in the world.


  • Maintenance friendly noise enclosure with easy access including:
    • Quiet operation
    • Spark-proof composite cooling fan
    • Instrument panel
  • Oil drain/level gauge accessible from front for easy oil change
  • Mounting base includes integral fork truck pockets for easy transportation and positioning
  • Automatic V-belt tensioning with belt replacement indicator
  • Factory assembled and factory warranted including
    • Electric motor
    • Discharge check valve
    • Relief valve
    • Process gauges
  • Pressure range: up to 18 PSIG (1.24 bar g)
  • Flow range: 48-395 (m3/h 81-671)
  • Vacuum range: up to 17 Hg (575 mbar g)
  • Optional accessories and controls available

Applications: Pneumatic Conveying, Dairy Milking, Wastewater Aeration, Air Sparging, Compost Aeration, Vacuum Excavation, Dust Collection, Bulk Unloading/Loading, Fluidization/Agitation of Dense Powders, High-Performance Industrial Applications, Mobile Vacuum Waste Removal
Max. Vacuum: 17 in. Hg