KD & KDH: Rotary Piston - KD & KDH

Model: KD30, KD50, KDH130, KDH150


KD and KDH Single-Stage Duplex Rotary Piston Pumps

• Absolute pressures down to the low micron range
• Belt-driven, low-speed rotary piston pumps
• No small orifices to plug up
• Rugged and reliable
• No metal-to-metal contact between pump piston & cylinder
  - clearances are filled with oil
• Adjustable gas ballast permits handling of condensible vapors

KD pumps are air-cooled.
KDH pumps are water-cooled.

Tuthill stands by its 100+ years of quality and durability in vacuum pump technology by offering the longest rotary piston pump warranty in the industry - 30 months!