PD Plus: PD Plus Blowers 1200

Model: 1215, 1224, 1230, 1236

Model 1200 PD PLUS heavy duty industrial blowers are designed for high performance applications, up to 15 PSIG pressure boost or 15” Hg dry vacuum (24” Hg water injected).

Vertical & Horizontal Air Flow
This series has wide application in pneumatic conveying, wastewater treatment and the general process industry where high pressure, high volume air is required. Seal areas are vented to atmosphere to relieve process pressure against the internal lip seals, and to provide oil-free air.

Vertical & Horizontal Single Envelope Gas Service
This series is utilized in such applications as closed loop pneumatic conveying, process gas handling, or elevated pressure applications up to 100 PSIG discharge. Vent openings are tapped and plugged to prevent gas leakage. These fittings can also accept an inert gas purge for positive containment of the process gas.

Vertical & Horizontal Double Envelope Gas Service
This series is built to laboratory standards where virtually complete sealing is required. In addition to the features shown on series above, the drive shaft is mechanically sealed and the oil sumps are plugged to provide an even higher degree of leakage protection.