Rotary Positive Displacement - CP Series: CP Series

Model: 2002, 2004, 3002, 3003, 3006, 4002, 4005, 4007, 5003, 5006, 5009, 6005, 6008, 6015, 7006, 7011, 7018

CP Series rotary blowers are designed to be interchangeable with equivalent sizes of competitive models.  They are rated up to 18 PSIG discharge pressure or 16” Hg dry vacuum.

• Triple lip seals standard on all models
• Sight glasses standard on all models
• Magnetic drain plugs standard on all models
• Timed with precision helical gears, keyed to the rotor shafts
• Include double-row ball bearings at the gear end
• Rotors with integral shafts
• Reduced noise versions available with tri-lobe rotors
• Bi-directional rotation
• Dual oil splash lubrication at both gear and drive ends available on some models


Applications: Pneumatic Conveying, Carpet Cleaning, Dairy Milking, Mosquito Fogging, Wastewater Aeration, Trenchless Drilling, Air Sparging, Vacuum Excavation, Dust Collection
Max. Vacuum: 12-16 in. Hg
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