Evangel University Visits TVBS

Yesterday, the Evangel University Strategic Management class came to visit Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems to learn about lean manufacturing and the culture that surrounds Tuthill.

The students were lively and came in with a variety of questions ranging from the difference between a single cell process vs. a batch cell process to how we landed on The Compass.

The students got to hear from Craig Keeling, Service and Aftermarket Manager, talk about the culture of Tuthill and the products that we make. He went into detail about the industries that we compete in and helped connect the dots of how our products impact their lives.

Jackie Prescott, Line of Product Leader, stepped in later and talked about our manufacturing process. She helped paint the picture as to why we chose a lean manufacturing style, how we modeled ourselves after Toyota, and the results that we see from our lean manufacturing process.

After the presentations, the students were able to walk around our facility and see our shop floor, talk with some of our operators, and experienced our Lake Room. One of the things that we heard from Bernie Dana, Professor at Evangel University, is that the students were blown away by our Lake Room. The Business Department at Evangel is looking to implement their own version of the Lake Room so learning about how we utilize this part of our facility was exciting for them.


Sadly, this will be the last time that Bernie will be coming with his class to Tuthill. He is officially retiring and will have to pass the torch to the next professor. Bernie has been coming to TVBS since 2003 to expose his students to our lean manufacturing process. We will certainly miss catching up with him every semester!