Rotary Piston - KTC

Model: KTC21, KTC60, KTC112


KTC Two-Stage Rotary Piston Pumps

• Recommended for applications where operating pressure is
  below 0.1 Torr (0.13 mbar)
• Achieve lowest possible pressures from mechanical pumps
• Rugged and reliable
• No metal-to-metal contact between pump piston & cylinder
  - clearances are filled with oil
• Unequaled durability, even in dirty applications

KTC pumps are air-cooled. KTC-112 is water-cooled with optional air-cooling systems.
Adjustable gas ballast valves are standard for handling water and other vapor loads.
KTC pumps feature triplex piston design: dynamically balanced & practically vibration free.

Typical Applications
• Evacuating Refrigeration Systems
• Liquid Gas Storage
• Brake Filling Systems
• Low-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD)
• Silicon Crystal Growing
• Leak Detection

Models:  KTC21, KTC60, KTC112

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