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Chemical Processing


The business of chemical processing impacts nearly all of manufactured goods that we consume.  It is a very large market that ecompasses many segments such as basic chemicals (petrochemicals, plastics, rubber, dyes and pigments, printing inks), speciality chemicals (paint, adhesives, flavors), agricultural chemicals, and consumer products.

TVBS has a long history in providing vacuum pumps, positive displacement blowers and engineered solutions to the chemical processing industry.  Our PD Plus positive displacement blowers are one of the few in the industry that are designed to handle specialty chemical gases with various properties such as flammable, corrosive, hazardous, high pressure, and high temperature gases. 

The Kinney line of vacuum pumps have been used in chemical processing facilities around the world for over 100 years.  These vacuum pumps are known for their durability and ruggedness in harsh applications.  Our experience and application knowledge provides us with the means to offer our customers technical system design capabilities.

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