Two-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

ACRP40, ACRP75, ACRP100, ACRP125, ACRP200, ACRP300, ACRP525, ACRP526, ACRP775, ACRP776, ACRP950, ACRP951

These air-cooled and self-contained vacuum systems require no make-up sealant or cooling water.

Simplex: DRSP75, DRSP100, DRSP125, DRSP200, DRSP300, DRSP525, DRSP526 - Duplex: DRDP75, DRDP100, DRDP125, DRDP200, DRDP300, DRDP525, DRDP526

Are available as single pump systems or duplex systems for rapid pumpdown and alternating usage and wear.

OFRP75, OFRP100, OFRP125, OFRP200, OFRP300, OFRP525, OFRP526

Include oil sealing to afford deeper vacuum than available with water or glycol sealed systems.

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