MD Pneumatics Blowers

Open and enclosed blower packages for applications like pneumatic conveying and wastewater treatment. Tuthill can also design and manufacture custom blower packages specific to your needs.
Competitor rotary blowers are designed to be interchangeable with equivalent sizes of competitive models.
Equalizer blowers are high flow, compact blowers in 4.5" and 6" gear diameters. Interchangeable with equivalent sizes of competitive models.
PD Plus Blowers are premium, heavy-duty blowers renowned for their quality, dependability and outstanding performance.
A high performance, energy efficient and low-noise line designed for long operating life at maximum operating conditions.
High-performance single-stage blowers with up to 17 in. Hg vac./20 PSIG continuous capacity.
Dry bulk transport blowers for pneumatic conveying of cement, powders, pebbles, sand, and granular materials.
Vacuum boosters used with all types of vacuum pumps. Utilized in the manufacture of chemicals, petrochemicals, plastics, food processing, and many other applications.
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